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How does Ahoy boost revenue?

  • Cart Abandonment

    Our onsite cart abandonment solutions can be set up in minutes. Better still you can also use services like Jilt & CartHook to recover even more if they leave your site!

  • Instant Upsells

    Instantly show users a targeted upsell when they add an item to the cart. This proven strategy can increase average order size by a substantial amount with minimal setup.

  • Targeted Cross-Sells

    Cross selling is another great way to increase your stores revenue. By showing customers other products that they may also be interested in right when it matters, you are much more likely to generate multi-product purchases.

On-site Cart Abandonment Solution
On-site Cart Abandonment Solution

How does Ahoy work?

Ahoy works by showing targeted messaging at just the right moment to increase conversions, sales & revenue. Ahoy's powerful toolset includes...

Powerful Calls to Action

Every message is an opportunity to drive users to a specific action. Ahoy powers more conversions with purpose built calls to action that include; adding an item to cart or applying a discount, showing a form or following a link.

Powerful Calls to Action

Flexible Targeting Options for any Audience

Ahoy's targeting conditions allow you to segment your users to always see the most effective message, leading to more conversions. Want to show a message only to users on checkout with more than $25 in the cart? Done!

Audience Targeting Options

Track Progress All the Way to Purchase

Tracking campaign performance & ROI has never been easier. Messages are tracked from initial viewing until they complete the purchase. No more guessing, know exactly how much value each message is adding.

Detailed Conversion Analytics

Use Ahoy with your favorite plugins!


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Calum Allison

Over $2,000 a month in added revenue!

Since I started using it on Ultimate Member for cart abandonment 5 months ago, there has been $11,000 in sales from users triggering an exit intent message.

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member

David Blackmon

Paid for itself on day one!

This plugin has easily paid for itself 300 times over in the first 6 months "It'll pay for itself" is a phrase you here all the time. Well, Ahoy did that on day one and kept on paying.

David Blackmon

Owner/Partner at Divi Space

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