Ahoy Features & Functionality

Ahoy! enables you to engage with your website's visitors and
customers by showing them messages at just the right moment

Customizable Notifications

Ahoy messages are easily customized to your needs without a lot of confusing extra options.

  • Show message right away or tease with a headline.
  • Decide how often users should see the message and decide what triggers a message (time delay, exit intent, scrolling, item added to cart).
  • Personalize messages from with avatars, names & titles.
  • Play sounds when messages open to draw users attention.
  • You can easily change the color of the messages to match your site's design.
  • Everything else can be easily customised using CSS.

Integrated Call to Actions

Want users to perform an action after reading your message? Ahoy provides various call to action settings for you to utilise on your site.

  • Link to pages on your site or to another url.
  • Animate custom content after CTA button click.
  • Present users with a Ninja Form or Gravity Form.
  • WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads CTAs.

Audience Targeting Conditions

What makes Ahoy so effective is you can show targeted messages to only the users that matter most.

  • Target all pages or only posts without a specific tag.
  • Integrated targeting for WooCommerce & EDD.
  • Show messages based on user roles or page views.
  • Check urls, referrer, cookies, browser or device info, even screen size.
  • Make your own custom conditions easily.

Powerful Ecommerce Integrations

With meticulous integration with WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads you can instantly turn on revenue driving features.

  • Trigger messages when items are added to cart.
  • Effective ecommerce CTAs include adding items to cart and applying discounts.
  • Unique unstackable discount code generator.
  • Targeting Conditions include cart contents, cart totals, purchase history, and more.
  • Message value attribution allows you to see exactly how much impact a message had on any order.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Often you need to schedule one or more messages to seamlessly change, with Ahoy, this is a simple task.

  • Set a start or end date for your message.
  • Add multiple date ranges for convenient scheduling.
  • Schedule messages to show while your deals are active.

Insightful Analytics Reporting

What good are awesome notifications if you don't know whether they are working or not.

  • Detailed metrics for your messages track from view through conversion & purchase.
  • Content stat report shows you how a message performs on each page of your site.
  • Funnel views show exactly where conversion drop off occurs.
  • Google analytics integrated event tracking.

Use Ahoy to Results like these:

Calum Allison

Over $2,000 a month in added revenue!

Since I started using it on Ultimate Member for cart abandonment 5 months ago, there has been $11,000 in sales from users triggering an exit-intent message.

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member

David Blackmon

Paid for itself on day one!

This plugin has easily paid for itself 300 times over in the first 6 months "It'll pay for itself" is a phrase you hear all the time. Well, Ahoy did that on day one and kept on paying.

David Blackmon

Owner/Partner at Divi Space