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Works with: Ninja Forms

Do you use Ninja Forms on your website? Ahoy is integrated with Ninja Forms so you can have visitors submit forms directly from within a message

What is Ninja Forms?

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular free form plugins for WordPress, with the plugin being used on over 900,000 websites. Extremely easy to use, the plugin can be used to create almost any type of form, from simple contact forms to taking payments.

How it work with Ahoy?

We've integrated Ahoy with Ninja Forms by adding a special Ninja Forms call to action button. It turns an Ahoy message into a two-stage message.  

Stage one

This is where you show sees the Ahoy message e.g "Got a question about Ahoy? Feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible!" and the Ninja Forms call to action button e.g "Ask a question"

Stage two

When the Ninja Forms call to action button is clicked the form will then appear within the Ahoy message.


How you can use Ninja Forms and Ahoy

Rather than waiting and hoping for visitors to your site to go to your contact/sales page and fill in a form, you can capture leads more easily by being proactive and showing a Ninja Forms form in a message.